Dyer began life in Cheltenham in 1964 as Roger Dyer Associates. Roger Dyer had spent six years in practice in California and brought back to the UK a new approach to both the design and management of architecture. The practice he founded was design focused and innovative in distinguishing the skills of the three areas of architecture into separate studios: design, production and construction. The key ethos of the organisation which remains to the present day was a focus on the understanding and delivery of clients’ requirements.


The practice developed a strong reputation for leisure projects across the UK in the hotel, entertainment, leisure, and golf sectors, working for blue chip clients from the private sector. Dyer prospered through into the 1970’s changing its name to Dyer Associates and extending its commercial range to retail centres and head quarter office buildings with increasingly complex briefs and larger budgets. Key projects at this stage were a conference centre and hotel for Group 4, The Regent Arcade Shopping Centre, and the Headquarters for the Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society.


In 1981 Dyer Associates became a limited liability company, taking over all the responsibilities of the partnership. The company continued to grow in size and reputation with a “second generation” of directors expanding the portfolio of work and range of clients with projects in the UK and Europe.

At the end of the 1980’s, determined to widen its activities into the public sector, Dyer founded a new company, Anshen Dyer, to design healthcare projects. A joint venture with an American healthcare specialist, Anshen Dyer became the most innovative healthcare design company in the UK over a period of 16 years. The company was responsible for the design of many major hospitals throughout the UK including the award winning Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary. Subsequently Dyer sold its interest in the joint venture company and now designs healthcare projects within Dyer.


Major projects in the 1990’s include headquarters for many major financial institutions, namely The Bank of England, MBNA, and Zurich Financial Services. Dyer diversified by undertaking work in the public sector including the masterplan and development of the Government Communications Headquarters and headquarters buildings for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The major development however was a commitment to the developing design studio in London.


From the year 2000, a ‘third generation’ of directors began to focus the future of the company into a truly international company. International offices were established in Russia and the United Arab Emirates with the London office becoming the key hub for communication for the whole of Dyer. The company expanded its activities into the Education sector creating a series of projects providing a benchmark for design in Further and Higher Education, including Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Other significant projects include the OZ retail mall in Krasnodar, Russia, and the completion of Gloucester Quays mixed use development.

Dyer continued to be at the forefront of innovation and change developing new methods to design and manage projects using the latest technology and information management systems. Dyer became a leading contributor to the RIBA and author of its management publications.


Due to the diversity of work and breadth of skills, Dyer has successfully weathered the storms of the credit crunch and continues as an established international design practice into a fifth decade. The company is forever evolving, opening up new avenues for design and extending our geographical reach.

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